Terroir and vineyards

Waboomsrivier Winery, located in Breërivier, is nestled on the slopes of the majestic Waaihoek mountains. The grapes originate from seventeen farms in the area, with vineyards stretching over approximately 1000 hectares. The diversity in terroir is one of our unique characteristics, allowing the winemakers to experiment with a wide variety of cultivars and styles.

The highest vineyard is planted at an altitude of 730 m above sea level and the lowest is found on the valley floor, at about 200 m above sea level. The diverse soil types, ranging from clay rich shale and granite to deep alluvial soil with river stones, is ideally suited to naturally inhibit growth, resulting in smaller berries with more concentrated flavour. The notorious south easterly wind has a cooling effect that slows down the ripening of grapes and encourages flavor development, while also reducing disease pressure.

The valley stretches from the east to the west with slopes on both sides. Most vineyards are planted north to south. The hot, northern slopes are ideal for red wine production, while white varieties thrive on the cooler south-facing slopes.

During the cold, wet winters the mountains are often capped with snow. Supplementary irrigation is possible during the dry summer months, thanks to the Breede River winding through the valley, abundant run off water from the mountains and adequate dam storage.

The vines are managed according to sound practices. A selection programme, according to wine goals, is applied to guarantee that each vineyard reaches its true potential.